At the time of this writing on February 13, 2020, Valentine’s day is happening tomorrow on February 14, 2020. For all you guys and dads out there who haven’t prepared as much as you wanted to, you have basically very little time left! So what to do for Valentine’s Day? I’ll share with you what I think is quick, easy, and still as effective.

1. Just Get Them Something Simple And YOUR Time

I’ll start off with something simple and just give your valentine something very simple for you, but extremely valuable in terms of your relationship. Your personal time that you spend with your wife and kids is something that “money can buy”. Here are some Valentine card ideas that you can use! These are all free for you to download, print, and use.

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2. Husband/Dad Valentine’s Day Tickets

You thought about giving Valentine Day cards but it just really seems like everyone else is doing the exact same thing and you want to try something new.

You can give out these “Husband/Dad Tickets”! On the ticket itself, it gives the ticket holder one promise that you are willing to fulfill in the future, whenever they decide to use it.

If you are dedicated to be the best husband or dad that you can be, challenge yourself.

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be the same every single year, it gets boring for them and for you. So why not try new stuff.

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