You and your wife have already started thinking about when can your baby actually sit up. Your baby might just have been born or even just passed the first month or you’ve been thinking about this for the last little while now and you’re worried that your baby might be a little behind or your thinking that there might be something wrong with your baby.

For your baby, this is a wonderful discovery that they just made and they are definitely going to try to use it when they can. The baby is excited, the parents are excited, everyone is excited!

After your baby mastered sitting, other milestones like crawling, standing, and walking aren’t that far away!

What Age Can Babies Sit Up?

Your baby can start sitting up assisted as early as 4 months old, around that time they might also be able to use leverage to help them sit up. Your baby should be able to sit up unassisted around 6 to 8 months or later.

Just because they want to sit up doesn’t mean they are automatically going to prefer sitting. Oh definitely no, your baby will start to choose what they prefer. Because they now have a choice on how to grab the toy that is out of their reach, either to sit up and lunge forward or go back on their back and roll over until they roll to the toy. As a dad, it’s super funny to look at, but you gotta keep a straight face because your baby is determined to get it, so encourage them!

Signs That Your Baby Is Ready To Sit

Dad’s, don’t rush this step. Your baby will show you when they are ready. Your baby needs to be able to support their heads first as that will give them some head control when they do try to sit upright.

Try to lay your baby down on its back or propped up with some pillows or your leg. Let your baby pull onto your finger to pull themselves up a little. Building up that strength along the way.

But this will come naturally for the baby as they want to be able to explore and learn more about this world. What you can do as their parent is to give them all the support and assistance that you can give them to help them along their path.

However, there is a very thin line between helping them learn and forcing them to learn by doing it for them. What I mean is that there is a very thin line to doing things that are similar that a bulldozer parent would do. Want to know more about a bulldozer parent? Read more about it here.

What Can I Do To Give My Baby That Push?

The best thing you, as a dad, can do is to give your baby more opportunities to sit up and cheer them on while they are doing it. The more positive reinforcement you can give your child, the better they understand that what they are doing is making you happy, so they will continue to do more of it. A positive feedback loop.

That was how my daughter was, nearly every time it was her playtime, I would sit her up but had her feeding pillow around her to cushion her fall. In the beginning, she would lean back onto the pillow and sit slanted like a boss, but eventually, she sat up so well that she pushed the feeding pillow away and just sat there by herself, without any support. There was definitely a lot of encouraging talks to keep her motivated to continue to try again.

You can try to place a toy just a little further past their feet, you may be surprised that your baby just might try to prop themselves up to try to reach for me. Either that or they just might turn on their backs to try to reach the toy. But one thing is for sure, that is an excellent play idea to get your child motivated to just take that extra mile and do something out of the ordinary.

Your Baby Hasn’t Learned To Sit Up Yet?

As a dad, you are as concerned about your child’s growth as much as your wife does. Then you should look back to see if you have played enough different activities that encourage them to be upright more, go and do more of those activities with them if you haven’t already.

If after 9 months and your baby still hasn’t been able or doesn’t want to sit up unassisted, then definitely see the doctors or pediatrician for further help.

Your Baby Is Sitting Up Now. What’s Next?

Your baby is now sitting up, congratulations! This is the beginning step that will open the whole world to your baby because they aren’t always just laying on their backs and looking up.

Hope you have the house baby proofed because very soon your baby is going to want to touch anything and everything possible, now that is where the danger will come.

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