So, you as a parent who has no time, you are juggling every second of your day between your work, your family, and your kids. You didn’t even account for any time for yourself. Let me tell you this as a dad and a parent, if you keep that schedule up, you will burn out.

How do you have time for yourself? You plan your time and schedule in a block of time called, “Self-Care Time”. The block of time can be 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or even an hour long. As a responsible adult, you and your health should be your priority as much as your family.

Being a parent isn’t easy and as a parent, I completely understand that. I pour all of my time, effort, attention, and love into properly caring for my significant other and children and you expect me to have time to take care of myself? Not a chance.

Let’s take a step back and see how the dictionary defines Self-Care? According to

Care of the Self without medical or other professional consultation.” Definition

Self-care is finding ways to take care of yourself, by yourself, for yourself. We might think luxury spas, buying gifts for yourself, even your favourite food, or travelling somewhere are ways to self-care. Those are definitely some ways that you can use, but what if you don’t have the financial capability or even the luxury of time to take advantage of these, then what do you do? Before we look at how you can better care for yourself, let’s looks at the benefits of Self-Care.

Benefits of Self-Care

There are a lot of benefits of self-care that do for your mental and physical health, from being more mentally awake and alert, feeling happier and sharing that happiness with anyone that you interact with, to feeling more energetic and just the general feeling that your body is lighter.

Starting off with your mental health benefits, by exercising self-care exercises, I have personally felt happier been able to have a higher level of self-esteem, which drives up my confidence level. By having a higher self-esteem and confidence level, I have been able to increase my energy and efficiency with my home and work life. And lastly, by having more energy at the end of a workday, I come to my family less tired and happier.

As you can probably figure out by now that by working on one part of your mental health through self-care exercises, it becomes an upward spiral for positivity. Now, who doesn’t want to have one of those in their life? I know I do and have done.

As for the physical health benefits, by feeling more energetic, you feel less of the weight on your body due to stress in all parts of your life. By being self-confident, you are more optimistic about your physical energy and capabilities to perform any task.

What’s more, is that you can even feel physically active since you would be motivated to go back to your self-care time that you have scheduled next. You will have that, “I can’t wait to walk around the block, play Basketball with my buddies, or go on a backpack hiking journey up the closest trail for the weekend.”

What Exercises To Do During Your Self-Care Time?

There are so many self-care exercises that you can do, some require some planning, some could start as early as tomorrow, and some could start, right now, as you are reading over the self-care exercises that I’m going to list below. The list is in no particular order or preference.

There Is Something Called Too Much Self-Care Too.

After hearing all the benefits and activities you can do on your self-care journey, you might be inclined to try to schedule in as much “Self-Care” time as you can. And yes, you should definitely schedule those times in your schedule whenever you have some free time or just when you need to take a break from your busy life schedule.

But, as one of the sayings go:

“Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone.”

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man

And it’s quite true, having too much self-care time is going to be bad for you, your family, and everyone around you. You start to be less engaged with your duties and looking forward more to your next self-care session. You might even start to do a sloppier work, try to delegate your work, or just skip that specific task entirely.

The biggest takeaway from this is to take these self-care sessions in moderation and treat them as only mental and physical refreshers or special treats. That way, you will be able to stay humble and only take them when necessary. But did you know your significant other also needs these self-care times as much as you?

Your Significant Other Needs Their Self-Care Time Too, You Know?

Yes, the task of parenting also includes your significant other. Both of you have worked together to bring your special children into this life, both of you are working hard to make sure everyone in the family is healthy and taken care of. By continuing with this flow, your significant other is also entitled the same amount of self-care time since they are doing the same amount of work input as you.

There are many things you can do to express your desire for them to refresh themselves, here are just some examples that I have done for my wife:

  • Tell them that they deserve some self-care time, (ex. you have done a lot for the family in this past while, take a small break, you definitely deserve it)
  • Get them to do something they love to do, (eg. hang out with their friends, learn something she is interested in, Sleep in)
  • Tell them to take “time off”.

So share the love, the hardships, the fun, and the self-love! Parenting is fun and you definitely should enjoy it.


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