As a parent, you keep buying more and more toys for your kids cause you think they get bored with what they currently have. Your friends and relatives also keep buying toys as gifts during those special occasions too. Your kid is accumulating so many toys that you don’t even know what to do with them. You can either store them away in the basement or attic never to go back to them again, throw them away in the garbage, pass them to newer parents, or donate them to your local thrift store like the Salvation Army. Now you wonder, how many toys do kids really need?

From my own experience as a dad, kids don’t need a lot of toys. We only went out and bought my daughter 10% of the toys she currently has. 10% of the “toys” are stuff that came from our broken section (eg. a broken old computer mouse and keyboard, pen and paper), and the other 80% of the toys are given to her as presents from both of our family and friends. And guess what? She only goes to her bookshelf and reads her books because that is what she loves.

Here’s a funny story for you to digest. We bought my daughter a rocking horse because we read online that a lot of kids enjoy playing with one. So, of course, as a parent who wants to give our daughter the best of everything, this is one of those parenting tips that we had to try out. She loved playing with that rocking horse but she just had too many toys laying around, so we had to put some away to cycle through them. A few months later, we took the rocking horse back out believe that she will be so happy to see the horse again. That.. was most definitely not the case, she was very scared of the horse. We had to quickly hide it away and we hadn’t found a good time to try again. But, that might be the last time that rocking horse shows up for a long while.

Shiny Toy Syndrome

We all heard of something called Shiny Object Syndrome, my definition of it is that we are attracted to a new thing when the current thing we are doing isn’t as interesting any longer. This Shiny Toy Syndrome isn’t any different, it feels like every day there is a new toy coming into the market and being advertised to our kids.

The little ones get exposed to the potential hot new toy that came to the market and they want to be the first to jump on it.

If you look back into your own childhood times, were you always asking your parents if they could buy you the latest toy that the TV commercials said or one of the coolest kids in school had? I was secretly one of those kids, I always wanted the latest and greatest video games and video game systems when they first came out. But I knew my parents didn’t make a lot of money to be buying these from me, so I didn’t ask for them. But, if they were better off financially, I definitely would have bugged them constantly about it.

How Many Toys Did You Have As A Kid?

Look back into your own childhood and see how many toys did you actually have? Did you have a lot of toys yourself? If you had a lot of toys when you were young, did you play with all of your toys or did you only have a handful of most loved toys? What happened to all of those other toys? Did your parents hide them or gave them away and it didn’t affect you at all?

Now translate that over to your kids, do they need all the toys they currently have? Do they need more or it’s time to start pulling some toys away? Your kids might say that the next toy they get will be their best and most treasured one out of the rest of their toys. Watch that the new toy will just get forgotten like the rest of them.

Don’t get me wrong, kids need some toys to play with but did you know having a limited set of toys actually gets the child to start using their imagination during their play time. Don’t get what I mean? Think back to your own childhood, did you play with one of your toys and used your wealth of creativity to create unimaginable scenarios with those toys?

I feel like the newer generation is slowly lacking that imaginative ability because toymakers are creating these scenarios for them, which limits the need for the child to be creative to think outside the box, once the pre-planned scenario is finished, the child now looks for the next scenario which results in buying the next new toy.

Kids Just Want To Have Fun With You

Why are you buying your kid’s toys? Is it because you think they are going to have a lot of fun with that new toy you just bought for them? From my own experience with my daughter, everyone buys her all of her toys and she does occasionally plays with them. But when I play with her, she smiles and laughs a heck of a lot more. She loves the time we play together and as a dad, I will definitely cherish all of those playtimes knowing that.

If your child is restless of doesn’t want to play alone, maybe they just want you to play with them. If you scheduled your day to do a lot of different things, it’s time to replace one of those tasks in your day to play with your kids. You even might get surprised at what your kid can do now that you are actually looking at them now.

You Have Parental Limits Too

As a dad myself, I want to give my beautiful daughter anything and everything she desires so that she can have the best fun ever! But real life and reality is always around the corner, I don’t have an infinite amount of money to buy all the toys of does my house have infinite space to hold all of those toys.

We, as parents, need to be reasonable, sensible, and logical as we do have other obligations that we have to fulfill as well. Obligations such as your household financial situation.

The more toys your child has, the lower the chance of having a clean house. Kids will just drop whatever toy they are currently playing and move onto the next set. Or when they are told to do something else, they will just stop playing and just leave everything there. To solve this is to either discipline your child to know to put away any toys that he/she isn’t playing with anymore, or have less toys available for them to play.


So kids don’t need every single toy out there in the world, you don’t have to go crazy to out and buy each and every one of them. They only need a few perfect toys for them to learn, love, and you to play with them. I’m sure after a long day of work or house chores you also wanna relax, why not play with them?

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