Your new baby is coming and you and your wife have just gotten the 20-week ultrasound and know what the gender of the baby is. You are now planning to celebrate the new baby’s gender with your friends and family.

Let me stop you right here! These gender reveal parties are fun if you are taking the reveal portion lightly. But, if you are trying to do a bigger and more awesome gender reveal party than everyone else, then disaster might not be too far away.

Pregnancy Risk of Stillbirth

There is definitely a pregnancy risk of stillbirth for your baby. The definition of stillbirth is that baby (after 20-weeks pregnant) dies still within your wife’s womb before labor. According to some statistics, stillbirths affect 1 out of 100 pregnancies each year in the United States. To put that in another perspective, 1% or about 24,000 babies are affected by this stillbirth. I’m sure you and your wife don’t want your new baby(s) to join those statistics.

Despite there being a 1% chance for your baby to die after 20-weeks, you still want to continue with this gender reveal party? Here are some of the causes that I have found through research for you and your wife to consider.

  • Your wife coming into contact with people’s bodily fluid who has this kind of herpes virus, called Cytomegalovirus, (aka CMV)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) from having sex with a partner who is infected causing the urinary tract infection for your wife,
  • A type of food poisoning involving listeria where your wife eats and drinks something from that contains those harmful bacteria/germs,
  • Your wife eating undercook meat or going near/touching cat poop, called toxoplasmsis.

So there are definitely a lot of things that can happen that will affect the baby. It’s better to be careful with your new baby than having to try for another one.

Gender Reveal Party Gone Wrong

During regular parties, there could be many things that go wrong, like accidentally getting the wrong food items for dinner or even getting the decorations wrong for certain celebrated events. If you now think about all the things that can go wrong with a gender reveal party, then you may want to think again at doing the party in such a dramatic sense or even at all.

Here is just a list of some of the stuff that can go wrong:

  • You get the wrong color for the party decorations,
  • The guests you invited causing you grief for being such a party animal,
  • You have just gone into financial trouble by spending the same amount of money to reveal your baby’s gender from a 20-week ultrasound as you would for your wedding.
  • The way or method that you use to reveal the gender of your baby. Learn what not to do from these 2 examples shown by Trevor Noah from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Gender Reveal Party Ends In A Plane crash
Gender Reveal Party Starts A Wildfire
  • People dying from doing your gender reveal. Here is an article on CNN about a women died from being struck by flying debris in a gender reveal explosion, read more of it here.
  • Your wife loses the baby from being so excited to know what the baby’s gender is.
  • Your wife eating the foods that are unsafe for her or the baby.
  • You revealing the wrong gender.

Did you know that only 90% of the gender prediction during the 20-week ultrasound is correctly able to guess the gender? The trained medical nurse and the gynecologist would look over the ultrasound imagery to either give an educated guess of what they can visually see.

Alternatives To Gender Reveal Party

Here are some of the alternatives that me and my wife has gone through instead of a gender reveal party.

  1. Photoshoot,
  2. Film a memorable movie to share with your kids when they are older,
  3. Invite your closest friends only,
  4. A party to help decorate your baby’s new room with your wife’s baby room idea!
  5. Parenting meetup and chat, to learn about their do’s and don’t’s of parenting,
  6. Just stick to having the baby shower only.
  7. Just a dinner meetup,
  8. Just keep it to ourselves.

There are a lot of ways that you can do a party without draining your time, energy, bank account, or even your baby’s life. So think it through, do you need to celebrate right now? Your baby is going to be with you for at least 18 years, you have plenty of yome to celebrate then.


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