Here are some of the best Tedx Talks that I think you as a dad would definitely benefit from. I will keep updating this blog post as I find more excellent TEDx Talks about parenting as dad’s.

“I Decided To Be The World’s Best Dad”

Here is a single father of 2 that teaches us about parenting ways to be able to help our kids in every way possible. In this TEDx Talk, the speaker, Hermann Jónsson, helps her daughter tackle bullying.

“Having An Actively Involved Father Can Influence Your Adult Life”

Being an advocate for dad’s and father’s to step up their parenting game, being confident as a father to be there for your children. The speaker, Dr. Mark Trahan, talked about the benefits that great fathers can have on their children.

Don’t Worry, What You Are Doing Is Normal

In this constant battle of trying to figure out if what you are doing as a parent is “normal”, the speaker, Kyle Seaman, talks about being normal isn’t what you should strive for as a parent. Listen in on what Kyle think you should strive for.

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