As a dad to a new beautiful 14 month old daughter, being absolutely prepared going out for any occasion is mission-critical.

There are so many versions of this diaper bag out there. I initially bought it as it was a diaper bag that a lot of people have sold.

Now after using it for 14 months now, the bag itself has definitely gone through a lot of rough handling, being overly packed, or just being a lifesaver when i’m in trouble.

I’m Sure This Will Fit In The Diaper Bag

Sometimes you just are too tired to keep tabs on what you already have in your diaper bag. You have more important things to do like getting your child dressed so that you can actually leave the house. That is a hard thing to do, my daughter sort of have this feeling that if she knows we are rushing to get out the house on time, she will do something that will force us to “take 10 steps back”. You know, a need for a diaper change or food? Yeah those times.

Aside from just the basics of trying to get out of the house, your diaper bag also needs to be prepared for the journey ahead. You won’t want to run into a situation that you have forgotten to refill your diapers, butt wipes, or even extra clothing for those diaper blowout situations.

There are times that I just throw in 1-2 sets of extra diapers or clothing in the diaper bag just to make sure. But when the next day comes by, I do the exact same steps of throwing in another set of extra diapers as I didn’t know if I did or not. Now the bag at 3 or more sets and that’s a lot!

Luckily, this diaper bag was large enough to carry all of those extra stuff for me, and still look like it hasn’t reach capacity.

I threw a lot of stuff into that diaper bag and that bag just never felt like it couldn’t hold anymore!

My diaper bag was a prior version as well, since this one has a secure pocket on the back for your phone.

Diaper Bag And Airlines? It Worked!

Did you actually know that infant (on lap) travellers also can have a carry-on? With the Canadian airlines (WestJet and Air Canada) that I have flown on, they allowed the infants to have their own diaper bag.

You know what that means? That diaper bag better be big enough to carry all of the baby’s diaper and clothing essentials!

By just storing the baby’s stuff into their diaper bag, it will give you additional room in your own personal item for more stuff =).

My Diaper Bag Was My Lifesaver

Let me tell you a story about this one. I feel like some parents would at least be able to relate to this at least once.

Imagine that you and your family just arrived at an indoor playground that you have to pay for. As I was playing closely with my daughter (to make sure she is still able to have fun at such a young age on large playgrounds for older toddlers and kids), I notice that she has wet spots at the bottom of her pants.

As a dad who took up the task to be the diaper changer, I took my daughter to the washroom to get changed. When I got into the washroom and started to get her changed, I smell that my daughter has gone a Number 2. Going a number 2 isn’t the problem because I knew she was just having a blast playing there. But, when I started to change her, to my suprise and shock, I had forgotten to refill the diaper butt wipes..

By this time, I was calm and knew that there was a spare backup set that I had gotten when stores were giving away sample/starter sizes of these wipes. So I started to look for them, kept looking and looking but no where to be found. I checked all the pockets in the diaper bag, but I couldn’t find any.. I started to panic a little and my little one was starting to get restless because she just wanted to go back out to play, not be stuck here while waiting for her daddy to change her diaper.

After what felt like an eternity of searching for those wipes (mind you only a couple of minutes have passed), I made the parental choice to just use those baby hand & face wipe by Johnson & Johnsons. But.. you wouldn’t believe what happened.. the baby hand & face wipes bag were there, but it doesn’t have any wipes…

So at this point, I really started to panic. No diaper butt wipes and a number 2?! I just took a deep breath and just tried look at every single pocket in the diaper bag one more time.

Searching, searching and searching until I saw this secret compartment in a hidden flap at the back of the bag. And there it was! My diaper bag had 1 sample bag of diaper butt wipes. PHEW!! Disaster averted.

I Would Buy One Of These To New Parents

This is the perfect item to get any new and upcoming parent. It’s a stylish item, has a lot of functional space, and every new parent WILL need it to carry baby stuff.

These bags are going to be my gifts for any baby showers.

So if you think this bag is a good idea, you can visit the product itself over here on Amazon.

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