With so many brands out there that sell similar baby products, how do you tell which brand is better than the others. In this article, I will share my top picks for which brand and their products have helped my wife and I go through our beautiful time with our baby.

These were the brands that I and my family use on a regular basis. You may have noticed that some of the brands listed aren’t even actual product brands, but are marketplaces. I’ll explain more about my choices below. Here is a list of all the brands that I will be talking about in this article, note that these brands are not sorted in any particular order of preference:


IKEA, a Swedish home furnishings store, that has locations nearly all over the world. One of the few kid-friendly retailers that I ever came across. Here are some of the features that I think IKEA really hit it out of the park fo me:

  • Dedicated private room for families trying to change their babies and also for breastfeeding mothers to enjoy the same and private space to breastfeed their baby,
  • A potty-training washroom inside the family washroom, to support toilet users of all ages and sizes,
  • Some emergency spare size 3 Huggies diapers just in case I completely run out of cloth and disposable diapers for my baby,
  • A paid play area for older kids to play for as long as you want them to,
  • A free tiny play area inside the restaurant seating area,
  • A dedicated utensils area for children in the restaurant seating area, giving parents the confidence that IKEA has got your basics covered if you forgot anything.
  • That 365 days return policy, fun fact I return a set of candles 7 months later. It felt awesome!
  • And during the colder seasons, like an IKEA Family member, IKEA offers a free complimentary cup for a self-serve hot beverage. There are times that I just stop by IKEA to let my daughter play a little while I go and enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee and just relax.

2. Amazon

One of the largest online marketplace where buyers can buy the stuff they need and have it delivered in 2 business days through their Amazon Prime service.

Amazon is such a lifesaver in so many ways in my opinion, from being able to buy items that are competitively priced compared to physical retailers without ever leaving the comfort of my house. Believe me, being able to get things without ever leaving the house is super awesome. Imagine this, it is freezing cold or super hot outside and your baby is sick with a low-grade fever (if it’s a high-grade fever, you better seek a medical professional’s help), I can buy any necessary infant diapers and medicine without ever needing to expose my baby to the elements. When the baby gets better, that means I, as a parent, can finally get some sleep.

There are some items that you can’t even find in stores, so Amazon is where I would turn to first. Some stuff that I have bought from there is a thick foam baby mat with colorful and cute diagrams on it.

We can’t forget about the Amazon’s excellent customer service. The reason why I can say their customer service is excellent is becuase the company is very customer-centric. I experienced this first hand on several occasions when the items I purchased from Amazon never actually arrived, but the Amazon website said it did. The customer service reps didnt argue about it, they assessed my situation and decided to send me the order again. Even though it was a logistics issue that happened, Amazon took it upon itself to make sure that its customers are well taken care of and happy.

As a customer and a parent, I will definitely continue to buy and support companies that put their customer’s satisfaction first and foremost.

3. Graco

One of the best economical and best value baby stroller and travel system brands that I know of. Graco strollers and other Graco baby products is something I would say, best bang for your buck.

When you are a parent looking for the best products that you can use for your baby, but your wallet and budget doesn’t allow you to be able to buy the best of the best, then you really gotta stretch that dollar to work for you. From calculating the cost per diaper, or the cost of formula milk powder to what each baby stroller brand offers the best-in-class safety and convenience features to my baby and I. Graco’s travel system completely stood out for me, also as we live in a review-centric society, the large amount of reviews from other parents gave compared to other brands gave me the trust and confidence in Graco’s products.

4. Cetaphil

The shampoo for hair and body by Cetaphil instantly shot up to be one of my favorite products to use as a parent when I found out that the Johnson and Johnson baby products that I was using prior was causing my daughter to have flaky scalp and rashes on her skin.

Please don’t take my recommendation as-is because every baby is more sensitive to certain baby products than others. Your baby might be happy and only able to use the Johnson and Johnson baby products, or neither brands and can only use a smaller, independent brand.

5. Munchkin

It is absolutely amazing to see how basic products are being modified to include new features and benefits to help us as parents and children.

The one single product that has changed what drinking water out of a cup meant for my family and my daughter is their Munchkin Mircle 360 cups.

So a quick one-liner about their cup, “a cup that doesn’t spill the water inside if you turn the cup completely upside down”. I don’t know about you, but that one-line description definitely sold me instantly. My daughter gets more water, nurtients, and less to no mess for me to clean? Sign me up!

Munchkin also released their Miracle 360 cups for adults too! A no-mess, no care where you drink from cup? You can even drink it while you are lying on your back. Perfect for a lazy dad like myself! I haven’t tried the adult version yet, but i did try my daughter’s sippy cup version and it was amazing to be able to drink water and still lie on my back.

6. GoPro

Having a specialized video recording device to record my baby’s firsts, run around active moments, and just video recording in general. After using the GoPro Hero 7 Black for nearly 4 month, I really love to use it to record my daughter’s fun little movement and activities!

From the HyperSmooth stabilization feature to its non-intimidating square look of an action camera. In addition, I love photography and videography so I personally love all of the customizations that it allows me to have. I have been able to record all of my daughter’s run around moments and play time with it and still have a stable enough video footage to share with everyone.

7. Facebook Marketplace

As a parent who is already strapped for money during our parental leave period, I didn’t have the luxury to buy every single baby item new, buying some really good condition used baby items had realy filled in those needs.

With Facebook Marketplace, I can see what is the quality of the used item is as well as see who the seller is. Does the seller look trustworthy and safe? Based of their profile, do they look like they would treat their products with care? Based on what they posted on their social media, would the children treat their toys with care?

I can openly and admittedly say that, Yes, I do stalk and study some sellers profile to see if I want to buy from them. So if a seller is selling a very lightly used infant car seat, I am not going to buy from that specific seller if I can feel that they didnt take care of the car seat well. I would rather buy the car seat from another seller, or just buy the car seat brand new.

So here are the 7 best baby brands that I have used and loved as a new parent. Do you have a list of brands that you trust and swear by? Let me know in the comments below, I’m curious to know what yours list of trusted brands would be.


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