At 9 months, your baby is just touching, mouthing, and even eating anything and everything possible. You can’t blame them either, they have their baby that is cutting right through their gums, it’s really irritating and it hurts. So, as a dad, it is your job to give them the relief that will help them and your sanity back. And also, at around the 9-month mark for your baby, it is quite common for babies to have a growth spurt as well.

When it comes to food for the 9-month-old baby, it can get a bit easier as they may be able more different kinds of colorful foods, such as bananas, red or green bell peppers, avocado, and tofu. By having the food options more colorful, your baby can easily tell that each item on their plate is different, and you can make it into a game and get your baby to eat the color food that you choose until everything is cleared! Playful, nutritious, and a clean plate.

One more thing to note is that your baby might be sleeping, aka sleep regression, less this month. This is because your baby is so motivated to want to practice their newly learned skills that they are doing it in their sleep!

Baby: “I Got It” – 9 Months Old (easier challenge milestones)

  • Sitting, with or without support.
  • Pulling themselves up to be able to stand up,
  • The “pincer” grasp, using their thumb and index finger,
  • Your baby will remember a toy, then look for it. (Aka Object Permanence)

Baby: “I’m Awesome, You Know” – 9 Months Old (medium challenge milestones)

  • Clapping their hands.
  • Pointing at objects,
  • Making use of the resources around your baby to do another task.

Baby: “Challenge Accepted” – 9 Months Old (hard challenge milestones)

  • Crawling
  • Walking/side-stepping
  • May have an understanding of words that they hear often, eg. food, eat, diaper, no, mama, and dada.
  • Babbling

Every month, your baby has achieved certain milestones and beginning to hit some other milestones. Check out the Mr. Involved Baby Milestones series here.


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