Your baby is now going to be more mobile than ever! As a member of the family, it is also your responsibility (not your wife’s alone) to make sure that your house is free any potential hazards, small or big, that your baby can get their hands on. Your baby will be mouthing everything, which can potentially become a choking hazard.

Separation Anxiety usually hits for most babies at this time, my daughter started at 4 months old when we stayed with my parents. It was tough as an involved dad that loves my daughter a lot to go through this, but this is one of the stages in their developmental life and if I didn’t go through this now, it will be harder as she grows up.

Television, something that you may have missed a lot and could be an excellent distraction to your 8 months old, it is definitely not recommended for your little one to watch any TV at all.

Baby: “I Got It” – 8 Months Old (easier challenge milestones)

  • Your baby is happily playing on playdates.
  • Bangs, shakes, drops, and even throws their toys to explore objects,
  • Has an interest in any object that you use regularly
  • Can use a pincer grasp
  • Your baby is going to start to associate certain objects with certain activities like their high chair means it’s food time.

Baby: “I’m Awesome, You Know” – 8 Months Old (medium challenge milestones)

  • Your baby can do some baby sign languages,
  • Communicates with you their needs through baby sign language,
  • Plays with their toys the way they were intended to be played, like a toy phone, or a hairbrush.

Baby: “Challenge Accepted” – 8 Months Old (hard challenge milestones)

  • Have left your baby with a babysitter or family member for a few hours.
  • Getting your baby to eat with utensils,
  • Getting your baby to eat cleanly.

Every month, your baby has achieved certain milestones and beginning to hit some other milestones. Check out the Mr. Involved Baby Milestones series here.


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