Your 11-month-old baby has definitely got so personality! At this time, they may have started to show their personality and character, from being adventurous, independent, and social. But this is only the beginning of them exploring these, your kid is still developing and her likes and dislikes are constantly changing. My daughter’s likes and dislikes kept constantly changing, it took a long time to try to keep up with her ongoing daily changes. At the time of writing, she is currently trying to bully me into doing her bidding. 😂

There are many toys out there that are beneficial for your child to play, like an activity cube or non-toxic crayons and paper. These toys will help your child develop their imaginative capacity, which will help them develop into better problem solvers. As a dad, I definitely want to give the best chances for my child to develop whenever possible. Here are some tips for you:

  1. You don’t have to buy all the toys new, as long as the toy you are thinking of buying visually looks in excellent or very good used then it’s perfectly fine to get it. Your baby isn’t concerned with how pristine the toy looks, they are more concerned when and how they can play with that toy.
  2. Your baby doesn’t need all the toys that you can possibly buy for them. In fact, I found out with my daughter that having fewer toys allowed her to have more fun with the toys that she can see. After a few weeks, we cycle through those toys with the old one and she loves having “new” toys. Read more about why babies having fewer toys have more fun here!

Here’s a fun idea, you can create an obstacle course for your child by just NOT cleaning up after your child’s playtime. You can use that to encourage your child to “avoid” the toys and crawl or walk around it.

Baby: “I Got It” – 11 Months Old (easier challenge milestones)

  • Is able to stand up without assistance
  • Crawling around effortlessly
  • Can track objects as they move from one side to the other side.
  • Opening boxes to see what is inside them.

Baby: “I’m Awesome, You Know” – 11 Months Old (medium challenge milestones)

  • Simple Baby sign languages
  • Standing
  • Might even be walking now with some assistance
  • Stacking toys on top of each other,
  • Sitting down interested in baby books.
  • Interactive role-playing toys, such as play kitchens, or dollhouses

Baby: “Challenge Accepted” – 11 Months Old (hard challenge milestones)

  • Understanding multiple languages used within the family.
  • Walking unassisted
  • Getting your baby to stop pulling on you or your wife’s hair.

Every month, your baby has achieved certain milestones and beginning to hit some other milestones. Check out the Mr. Involved Baby Milestones series here.

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