Your 10-month-old baby has grown at such a rapid rate since they were born, if you look back to the pictures of how tiny your baby was, you would be amazed! I definitely was!

If you haven’t already, it is definitely a good time to start teaching some routines to your baby. From teaching your baby to pick up their toys after themselves or even help clean up their food plate after themselves, if you start early, you can definitely see results early.

As an example, both me and my wife showed our daughter how fun it was to keep our dinner table clean after every meal by wiping it. (Trust me, its not always fun, but we knew we wanted this to be a good habit for our little one, so we kept at it) Now, our daughter does do the action of wiping her dinner area clean after dinner. Now, that is a win.

Another example is that she helps us unpack our groceries one-by-one and brings it to us. We cheer her on as make her feel like she accomplished a big task and duty every single time she brings us something. By doing that, she feels more encouraged to continue to make us feel proud. Another parenting win right there!

During the baby’s 10 month old period, they are able to learn about discipline and boundaries. Teaching her about what we I want and expect of her, however we don’t yell at her. We tell her what we think is right and safe, but it is up to her to listen and follow it. If she doesn’t follow it, she will experience it firsthand and it will provide her a valuable experience that she can build on. Of course we are around to ensure that everything she does is not dangerous, but sometimes a little bit of pain from trial and error can do wonders.

Baby: “I Got It” – 10 Months Old (easier challenge milestones)

  • Can remember where their favorite toy is,
  • Your baby instantly recognizes their favorite toy.
  • Loves to play,
  • Understands how to play certain objects, like pressing a button or turning a toy key.
  • May understand and recognize familiar sounds, like people or toys that they have played with often.

Baby: “I’m Awesome, You Know” – 10 Months Old (medium challenge milestones)

  • Your baby is being resourceful by pushing chairs towards shelves to climb up on
  • May be able to understand very simple instructions, such as pick up or let go.
  • Crawling
  • Pointing at objects of interest
  • Eats some soft fruits and boiled vegetables.

Baby: “Challenge Accepted” – 10 Months Old (hard challenge milestones)

  • Walking/side-stepping
  • May have an understanding of words that they hear often, eg. food, eat, diaper, no, mama, and dada.
  • Babbling
  • Eating some of the food that you normally eat.

Every month, your baby has achieved certain milestones and beginning to hit some other milestones. Check out the Mr. Involved Baby Milestones series here.


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