Hi! My name is Henry Le and i’m a dad to my beautiful daughter (14 Months) who is still very much dependent on me and my wife. I’m happy to be a dad, but more importantly, i’m happy to be an involved dad.

“If your life as a dad is easy, then your kids won’t remember much of you in the future.”

Henry Le | Mr. Involved

I spend great deal of non-work time with my family, from actively playing and teaching my daughter to giving my homemaker wife a break from the little one. I’m not your stereotypical dad that comes home from work, all tired, and being a burden to the family. I’m a dad that comes home from work, rolls up my sleeves, and say “what’s next on the list of to-dos”

I started this blog to share my experiences and journeys of being just that kind of dad and i’m proud of taking on that active role in the family.

This kind of active parenting role isn’t easy. But then again, if your life as a dad was easy, then your kids won’t remember much of you in the future.

What Has Henry And His Family Have Been Able To Achieve With Their Daughter?

  • My daughter loves her books! At such a young age, whenever it’s play time, she runs to grab a book (with toys left and right) and then brings it back to me to read to her. She also gets into a comfortable seating position on my lap.
  • I am able to do a complete morning routine with her
    • Diaper change
    • Brush her teeth
    • Change her clothes
    • Make her breakfast
    • And take her out to play
    • All while my wife is upstairs still enjoying her sleep.
  • She started walking regularly at the 10-11 months old and from then on, it has been walking around the house whenever we could to train those leg muscles and walking balance.
  • She started to use her baby sign languages to communicate what she is looking for, without saying any words.